Spicy Mysteries

So what do you expect to find here? Maybe you’re just passing through. You’re probably bored by the political news, or you have been disillusioned by the outcome of the last game of your favorite team and you decided to drown your disappointment in the web. Or better yet, you could be the victim of a mistake by Google and you just happened by accident on this site while you were looking for an idea for your dinner or a recipe for your sister’s birthday as well.

Anyway you landed here and if you do not go too fast, perhaps you might find something interesting on this blog. I assure you that you could still fun to have a look through these pages, even if it isn’t what you’ve been looking for.

You can choose from different genres, many recipes and several characters… There is a taste universe to discover! Many mysteries and a lot of dishes have just been baked, so what are you waiting to choose your story? If you are confused or go in a hurry you could try the “summaries”, it’s like an appetizer to snoop and decide which story is right for you or a simple reminder if you want to give me a chance to sneak yourselves in an enigmatic and savory world.

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