Magic Pizza

Posted By on December 29, 2016

The “ideal” work team should never have more than two pizzas at lunch break.  But if we want to guarantee an “ideal” result as well, we could go as far as to suppose that every member of the team is also an ingredient of the pizza. Mr. Tomato, perhaps obviously from the Campania region, and a bit acidic. One can squeeze him, make a puree or cut him to bits, but he will always blend well with Lady Mozzarella. She, incredibly white complexion and hair gathered in a braid, will make little knots to remember her dates, and will preserve her resilience  forever. Finally he’ll make his appearance, Mr. Basil. Always late and almost at the end. But he will know how to add a particularly fresh and perfumed note.
Tom, Mozzie and Basil work together in a restaurant. Daisy is their chef. Together they fight against GMO’s, additives and junk food. They daily do giant slaloms to avoid saturated fats, synthetic flavors and preservatives.
Their recipes break the silence barrier to erase the brands of junk food from the clients’ minds.
Tom goes over to Daisy, who regularly blushes when she sees him. Tom’s proposal today is “Gazpacho vs Ketchup”. Daisy thinks it over… an interesting dish… but she’s more the hot broth rather than the cold soup type! And so proposes an alternative… “Pappa al pomodoro”, a a typical Tuscan tomato-based soup. Tom desperately looks for Basil. He needs him for that recipe.   E gli propone un’alternativa… Pappa al pomodoro, tipica ricetta toscana. Tom cerca  disperatamente Basil. Ha bisogno di lui per quella ricetta. But Basil hasn’t shown up yet, probably victim of the pesto pasta of the previous evening. It’s late, Tom can’t wait for him any longer and sets himself immediately to work. In a few minutes he is ready for cooking.
Mozzie is on the bench facing him, busy making baskets of eggplants. She, capers and olives.
Tom waits to be called, but Mozzie chose a recipe without tomatoes.
He is jealous and thinks “She’s ready for the oven and hasn’t called me?” In a second, he throws himself in the basked, amidst capers and olives. Mozzie cries out “You just ruined everything” while the “Pappa al pomodoro” is burning.
Basil makes his seraphical entrance in the kitchen “Need help?”
Daisy takes over, calls everyone to order. It’s 6.30 p.m. and soon the first foreign clients will start coming in. A solution must be found quickly. She throws a bit of flour on the table… As she always does when she doesn’t know where to start. She says that the flour produces ideas in her head, you sprinkle it all over, and something will happen. In a few moments, she has a flash of inspiration. A recipe out of history. She gathers everyone around her. Takes the leavened dough from the pantry… She’s undecided…  New York style or Chicago style? Perhaps better something more exotic, such as Hawaiian style… Would Hollywood style be best? Or Californian? … She concentrates, closes her eyes, and suddenly it’s … 1889. Raphael and the Queen. But she has to muster all her strength… because today she needs a lot of it, to pick the “tri-colored,” or the three colors of the Italian flag. 
Mozzie, Tom and Basil will have to fuse together… and it’s not easy… they have a difficult temperament… and they must be carefully dosed… While she pulls the dough with expert movements, she’s already savoring the final result. And then it easy to tell her “co-workers” what they must do, point out the “meeting points” to them, and create the universe “Pizza”.  Mozzie, Tom and Basil are strangely docile … As they have never been before… They feel part of a piece of history… Each steps into his place without bullying the others, in a harmony that starts like a Neapolitan song, goes beyond regional borders and reaches out over the entire boot… Then crosses the oceans, time and culture, transforms and enriches itself… in a transfiguration … But no one will ever be able to erase it again. She, her highness “Marguerite”, the Queen of all pizzas, is ready to be served! Thank you Mozzie, Tom and Basil!
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